We need them.
                                                            We seek them.
                                                               And with God's help,
                                                                  We find them.

Ellen struggles to adjust to her recent move from the nation's capital to small-town
Wisconsin. A lapsed Christian, she relies on her own strength to care for her ailing
husband. She fights her way through depression, hospitalization, an arrest, and a
dangerous encounter without the faith, peace, and joy she notices in her new neighbors.
Will Ellen find the relationships she so desperately needs—relationships with new
friends and a renewed relationship with God?

Maggie and Wanda live next to each other on the shore of peaceful, pristine Pearl
Lake in Waters Edge, Wisconsin. Maggie, a recent widow, grapples with the paradigm
shift in her life. Is she ready for her long-time friendship with Charlie to become a
more significant relationship? Wanda, an artist, dances through the day uninhibited by
the  beat others hear. Will her undisciplined lifestyle damage her relationship with her
neighbors, with her husband?

The three women tackle the typical trials of seniors with humor and goodwill and cope
with a few not-so-typical crises and mysteries. Maggie and Wanda obey God’s second  
command to Love Thy Neighbor and are blessed in return, as their relationship with
Ellen develops into
a cord of three strands.
Alzheimer's Disease

Whether it strikes your spouse, your
parent, a relative, or a friend, dementia
is a frightening prospect. The authors
have supported their parents through
more than a decade of their mother’s
battle with Alzheimer’s.
“Your Mother Has Alzheimer's” answers the question: “What would be helpful
at this stage of the disease?”

In each chapter you'll find:
•  A story—poignant episodes, evidence of God at work
•  A guide—practical help for specific challenges
•  A prayer—calls for help and expressions of faith
•  God’s Word—Scripture to encourage and strengthen

The authors offer life-changing answers to these questions:
•  What should we do now that we have the diagnosis?
•  Who will provide the help we need?
•  How do we handle the difficult symptoms of Alzheimer’s?
•  When do we need more help than we can provide at home?
•  Where is God in Alzheimer’s disease?

"Your Mother Has Alzheimer's" is available in paperback and audiobook at

Sister Authors
Nancy Willich
 Ann Guyer
  Peggy Byers
      (writing under the pen name Lydia Moen)
String of Pearls  

Book 1 in the
"A Cord of Three Strands" Series
A cord of three strands
is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 12:4b
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