Sisters Nancy Willich, Ann Guyer, and Peggy Byers published their first book in
2005 titled, “
Your Mother Has Alzheimer’s Three daughters answer their father’s
, in 2005. The book tells the story of the family’s response to their mother's
Alzheimer’s diagnosis and serves as a guide for dealing with each stage of the
disease, offering prayers and abundant Scripture. It was the first book with a
Chrisian theme to be listed as a recommended resource by the Alzheimer’s
Association’s Greenfield Library.

Encouraged by the response of their first book, the sisters continue to write stories
to  draw others to a closer relationship with Christ.
String of Pearls is their first
fiction work. The co-authors write under the pen name Lydia Moen, a tribute to
their two grandmothers and great aunt, Lydia Genrich, Ada Moen, and Ellida Moen.

Nancy Willich has been blessed to travel extensively throughout her adult life and
has called several states home. She has now retired to the shore of a beautiful lake  
in central Wisconsin. On this topic, Nancy says, “Psalm 16:6 is one of my favorite
Scriptures: ‘The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places…’ I used to
apply that verse only to where I lived. Now God has given me new work to do, and  
I love the fact that He has extended my professional boundaries to very pleasant
places, as well.”

Ann Guyer retired after a 30-year career in elementary education as a first grade
teacher in Wisconsin, Colorado, and Texas. She became an English-as-a-Second-
Language demonstration teacher, and an educational trainer. She facilitated her
students’ development as readers and writers and further encouraged the growth of
literacy by presenting workshops to teachers throughout her school district. Making
use of the writing techniques she taught to others is a delightful next step for Ann in
retirement. Co-authorship has enabled my sisters and me to become
a cord of three
as we encourage each other and share our faith with our readers.”

Peggy Byers started her writing career as a reporter for a suburban Chicago
newspaper. Since that time, she has worked in public relations, corporate
communications, and most recently, publications management. She has retired from
the publications services  company she founded and is enjoying the new challenges
of writing and publishing with her sisters. “When you walk with the Lord, be
prepared for an exciting hike. His ways are incredible. I never dreamed I'd have a
chance to write with Nancy and Ann or that He would bring us back to the lakes we
loved as children."

Sister Authors
   Nancy Willich
  Ann Guyer
  Peggy Byers
        (writing under the pen name Lydia Moen)
A cord of three strands
is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 12:4b